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:pencil: 本计划是召集志愿者翻译 Decred reddit 社区上的精彩内容,内容翻译完之后,发在论坛,有一些优质的内容我们将会在微信公众号(getdecredgzh)以及其他渠道进行转发。

欢迎在你的帖子末尾留下你的 DCR 打赏地址,希望大家也可以给参与志愿贡献的朋友打赏。

Decred AMA ( Ask Me Anything) 活动

:white_medium_square: 2017年6月8号第一期,主开发 Dave Collins 问答
:white_medium_square: 2017年6月22号第二期,社区问答
:white_medium_square: 2017年7月6号第三期,市场团队问答
:white_medium_square: 2017年7月20号第四期,社区问答
:white_medium_square: 2017年8月3号第五期,项目负责人 Jake Yocom-Piatt 问答
:white_medium_square: 2017年8月17号第六期,社区问答
:white_medium_square: 2017年9月15号第七期,dcrstats 网站站长和俄罗斯社区负责人 dyrk 问答
:white_medium_square: dcrASIC AMA,关于 dcrASIC 专业 DCR 矿机的问答
:white_medium_square: obelisk AMA,关于 oblisk 专业 DCR 矿机的问答
:white_medium_square: 关于 Decred 抵抗链分裂的具体分析报告


:white_medium_square: Decred 2017 线路图
:white_medium_square: 新的票价算法
:white_medium_square: 闪电网络实践
:white_check_mark: dcrtime: 基于区块链的时间戳工具
:white_medium_square: Decred 招聘
:white_medium_square: 2017 线路图更新 1
:white_medium_square: 链上的原子互换(Atomic-Swaps)交易
:white_check_mark: BTCManager: Decred 新手指导
:white_medium_square: BraveNewcoin: Decred 推出改变区块链协议的去中心化投票流程
:white_medium_square: 纳斯达克: Decred 添加免交易所的加密货币原子互换交易
:white_medium_square: 比特币杂志: 去中心化的交易如何让比特币更富弹性(让我们更自由)
:white_check_mark: 芝加哥论坛报: 芝加哥开发者推出比特币替代加密货币 - Decred
:white_medium_square: 雅虎财经: Decred 发布v1.0,世界上第一个完全由用户自己掌握的加密货币
:white_check_mark: Linda Xie: 一份 Decred 的新手指导


Stakey 作为 Decred 的吉祥物出现,由设计师 Marcelo Lustosa 基于 Decred 独特的 PoS(Proof-of-stake)投票机制所带来的灵感创作而成。以下是设计师以插画的形式形象地介绍 Decred 投票机制。

:white_medium_square: 图解 Decred 选票的生命周期
:white_medium_square: 图解 闪电网络在 Decred 上的应用(小额结算)
:white_medium_square: 图解新的票价算法


Decred 是什么?

翻译: @Dearlife

Decred 和 Dash 币有什么区别?

它们可能都是以字母“D”开始,但除了这个相似,几乎就没有相同了。Decred只有1层网络,Dash有2层网络(主节点)。使用Decred,你的货币在买票(投票权)后被锁定(约束供应)。使用Dash,你可以随时卖出主节点。使用Decred,任何人都可以投票/参与。使用Dash, 只有富人才能参与。使用Decred,更新被预编码进区块链中。在一个成功的“Yes”投票后,区块链自动切换更新。使用Dash,开发者必须在投票后人工编码更新,并且希望每个人都进行更新。Decred从基础设计开始就是一个分散的自治组织(DAO)。它拥有一个独特的共识系统(这使得“以太坊经典情形”极不可能发生),并且是由非常受人尊敬的比特币开发人员(BTC Suite)自筹资金从头开始用Golang语言编写的。
翻译:@Neil Nie

Decred 里面的选票(tickets)是怎么回事?

Two validation systems are integrated into the Decred blockchain, Proof-of-Work (PoW) and Proof-of-Stake (PoS). The PoW system (miners) create and validate new blocks added to the blockchain. The PoS system allows ticket holders (voters) to participate in verifying a block's validity. The PoS system acts as a 2nd authentication factor on the chain. If 3 of the 5 randomly selected ticket holders approve, the block is added. The PoS tickets are also used to vote on a change to the protocol (hard fork) over a period of time. Without support of the super-majority vote, the minority chain will become unsustainable due to invalidated blocks. For more info on how to stake, see this guide

Analogy: Imagine a toy car factory with machines (miners) that make toy cars. Each toy car produced is approved by 5 randomly selected quality inspectors (voters). If 3 inspectors approve, the toy car is good. If we want to turn the toy car factory into a toy boat factory instead (hard fork), we need at least 75% of inspectors to agree to this change over a 1 month period. Once that happens, even if we happen to have machines still making toy cars, it will be hard to find 3 of 5 inspectors that approve on building a toy car.


一个活动票的投票周期最长可以达到 142 天(40960 blocks),一般平均在 28 天。如果一个活动票在整个投票周期内都没有投出去,它将过期,并且失去购票的费用 ticket fee(但不用担心,整个票价将返回)。但是,发生这种情况的可能性小于0.5%
翻译:@Neil Nie

假如 Decred 和比特币处在同一个经济基本面,攻击 Decred 网络需要花费多少成本?

As of March 31, 2017, at its peak, there was an estimated 4,161,948 TH/s of hashing power securing the Bitcoin network. So in order to successfully attack Bitcoin, you would need 51% of that which is 2,122,593 TH/s. Also, let's discount the fact that with the amount of money we're talking about here you could just pay to have your own ASIC built out in a fab for even less, but let's just keep it simple using released hardware. An Antminer S9 provides 14 TH/s @ 3000 USD. Thus, to achieve that 51%, you would have only needed to acquire approx 151,614 Antminer S9s * 3000 = $454,842,000 USD. Now, for an apples to apples comparison, let's assume Bitcoin used Decred's hybrid system and thus we'll use the same coin supply, the same price per coin, and the same PoW hash rate. As of that same March 31, 2017 date, there were around 16,248,000 bitcoins in circulation at a cost of roughly 1000 USD per coin. Now, let's go ahead and use some less than favorable numbers an assume there is only 33% stake participation and calculate how much money it would take to attack the network by aiming to acquire 33% of the stake. Running the numbers, we can see ((1/0.33 - 1) * 0.33)3 = 0.29, so you would also need roughly 29% of the hash power in addition to 33% of the stake. So, 33% of 33% of 16,248,000 coins ~= 1,769,407 * 1000 per coin = 1,769,407,000 USD for the PoS portion. Now, you also need 29% of the hash power, so 4,161,948 TH/s * .29 ~= 1,206,965 TH/s. Thus, you would need to acquire approx 86,212 Antminer S9s @ 3000 USD = 258,636,000 USD. So, in summary, you would need roughly 455 million USD to attack Bitcoin while you would need roughly 2.03 billion USD to attack Decred.

Decred 的通胀率

A chart of the emission schedule is available here.

Year 1 -- 2628000 BTC (13% of total supply), 4710265 DCR (22% of total supply)
Year 2 -- 5256000 BTC (25% of total supply), 7266224 DCR (35% of total supply)
Year 3 -- 7884000 BTC (38% of total supply), 9422093 DCR (45% of total supply)
Year 4 -- 10506000 BTC (50% of total supply), 11240496 DCR (54% of total supply)
Year 5 -- 11820000 BTC (56% of total supply), 12774256 DCR (61% of total supply)
Year 6 -- 13134000 BTC (63% of total supply), 14067928 DCR (67% of total supply)
Year 7 -- 14448000 BTC (69% of total supply), 15159093 DCR (72% of total supply)
Year 8 -- 15755760 BTC (75% of total supply), 16079450 DCR (77% of total supply)
Year 9 -- 16386480 BTC (78% of total supply), 16855736 DCR (80% of total supply)
Year 10 -- 17017200 BTC (81% of total supply), 17510470 DCR (83% of total supply)
Year 11 -- 17647920 BTC (84% of total supply), 18062711 DCR (86% of total supply)
Year 12 -- 18274320 BTC (87% of total supply), 18528509 DCR (88% of total supply)
Year 13 -- 18589680 BTC (89% of total supply), 18921394 DCR (90% of total supply)
Year 14 -- 18905040 BTC (90% of total supply), 19252779 DCR (92% of total supply)
Year 15 -- 19220400 BTC (92% of total supply), 19532291 DCR (93% of total supply)
Year 16 -- 19532880 BTC (93% of total supply), 19768049 DCR (94% of total supply)
Year 17 -- 19690560 BTC (94% of total supply), 19966902 DCR (95% of total supply)
Year 18 -- 19848240 BTC (95% of total supply), 20134626 DCR (96% of total supply)
Year 19 -- 20005920 BTC (95% of total supply), 20276090 DCR (97% of total supply)
Year 20 -- 20161200 BTC (96% of total supply), 20395407 DCR (97% of total supply)
Year 21 -- 20213760 BTC (96% of total supply), 20496048 DCR (98% of total supply)
Year 22 -- 20266320 BTC (97% of total supply), 20580935 DCR (98% of total supply)
Year 23 -- 20318880 BTC (97% of total supply), 20652534 DCR (98% of total supply)

Assumptions and Simplifications:

  • Each year is 365 days with no regard for leap years
  • There are an average of 144 Bitcoin blocks per day (target of 10 minutes per block)
  • There are an average of 288 Decred blocks per day (target of 5 minutes per block)
  • The Decred values are the max possible even though the real values will be slightly lower because missed votes reduce subsidy and stakeholders can strip a block's Proof-of-Work subsidy for misbehaving miners, which naturally in turn reduces the total possible supply
  • The total final supply for both is 21 million coins

Decred 在 Coinbase 公司做的介绍讲座



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