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Decred is an open and progressive cryptocurrency with a system of community-based governance integrated into its blockchain.
The fusion of technology, community, and governance the Decred way means development is self-funding and remains sustainable.
技术、社区、管理decred的方式 这3个要素的融合意味着发展是靠自筹资金支持的,发展是可持续的。
Hybridized proof-of-work proof-of-stake consensus system to strike a balance between miners and voters and create a more robust notion of consensus
Blake-256 hashing algorithm – not vulnerable to many of the numerous security issues facing Merkle-Damgård construction-based hashing algorithms such as SHA-256
blake-256散列算法–不同于有着许许多多的安全问题的梅克尔- Damg散列算法,如SHA-256

secp256k1 signature scheme for ease of integration into existing software or Ed25519/secp256k1-Schnorr to take advantage of Schnorr signatures and their features
secp256k1签名方案便于集成到现有的软件或Ed25519 / secp256k1 ,能够利用Schnorr签名及其特征for l
Written entirely in Go using a modular, well-documented, and tested codebase for long-term maintainability

Multi-stakeholder development ecosystem that welcomes and empowers participants who want to build new and improve on existing features
Open and self-funded development via a block subsidy to ensure long-term development sustainability as project and network usage scale upward – Decred improves with use
Any party can submit feature proposals and developers are paid for work to fulfill requirements – in full view of the community in a system designed to fight against ingroup-outgroup dynamics
Main contributors are the developers responsible for btcsuite (est. early 2013 – present) – a suite of Bitcoin packages and tools, including btcd, a full node, mining capable, Bitcoin implementation

Layered form of transparent meritocratic governance that extends beyond proof-of-work and proof-of-stake mechanisms to bring forward and represent insider and outsider voices in the community

Bottom-up decision-making through the Decred Assembly – an evolving and inclusive list of community members who make non-financial contributions to the project through their work and effort
自下而上的决策通过decred装配–进化和列出社区成员 通过他们的工作和努力 对项目的非财务贡献
Project bound by the Decred Constitution on the core principles of finite issuance, privacy, security, fungibility, inclusivity, and progressive development of the technology that keeps these principles together

In an effort to create balance in the network distribution of Decred, a cryptocurrency airdrop was created for anyone who wants to participate in the development of the project.