dcr要将要和btc实验atomic swap?我的理解对吗?

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Decred cross-chain atomic swapping
This repo contains utilities to manually perform cross-chain atomic swaps between Decred and other cryptocurrencies. At the moment, support exists for the following coins and wallets:

Bitcoin (Bitcoin Core)
Bitcoin Cash (Bitcoin ABC, Bitcoin Unlimited, Bitcoin XT)
Litecoin (Litecoin Core)
Monacoin (Monacoin Core)
Particl (Particl Core)
Vertcoin (Vertcoin Core)
Viacoin (Viacoin Core)
Pull requests implementing support for additional cryptocurrencies and wallets are encouraged. See GitHub project 1 for the status of coins being considered.

These tools do not operate solely on-chain. A side-channel is required between each party performing the swap in order to exchange additional data. This side-channel could be as simple as a text chat and copying data. Until a more streamlined implementation of the side channel exists, such as the Lightning Network, these tools suffice as a proof-of-concept for cross-chain atomic swaps and a way for early adopters to try out the technology.

Due to the requirements of manually exchanging data and creating, sending, and watching for the relevant transactions, it is highly recommended to read this README in its entirety before attempting to use these tools. The sections below explain the principles on which the tools operate, the instructions for how to use them safely, and an example swap between Decred and Bitcoin.